French Copines

18 novembre 2016

French Copines' 2016 Winter Fair!

The French Copines are back for a Winter Sale

French Winter Fair in Sausalito

610 Coloma St Bldg 5

December 3, 2016 from 11am to 4pm

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 3

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15 novembre 2016

Who are we??


We are a group of friends, living in San Francisco, most of us are French...or francophile.
We are creative people, we love art, craft, handmade creations and food!
Visit our websites (in the column on right)
In a few words:

Perlentine by Veronique Mini

N Choker

Veronique has been designing and making costume jewlery almost forever. What was first a hobby became rapidly a passion, she likes to mix different kind of beads like blown glass, crystal, wood, water pearls, resin…, on all kinds of support like wires, ribbons, buttons, fabric….The choice of beads is the essence of her inspiration, they drive her creations. Everything is handmade by her. The jewels are simple, sometimes surprising and even funny, but always delicate and classy so that you can enjoy them everyday.


Emma's Jam by Emmanuelle Serroy-Leaf

Emma's Jam

Emma is a French mum who has been living for almost 15 years in San Francisco. She was born and raised in France in a region where orchards are one of the resources and peaches and apricots grow for years and years under the sun. Her grandmother and  her mother always cooked jam at each different season of the year , so it is almost natural for her to do it . Living in California where fruits are always there makes her happy ...and busy cooking her jam. Time came for her to share with others her passion.


Fused Glass by Pascale Couderc

Grey copy


Pascale has been fusing and casting glass in the Bay Area for 10 years, making functional and decorative pieces in her kilns. As glass is all about light and colors her inspiration is mostly found in nature.




Pottery by Farzaneh Manoit

Farzaneh Pottery


Farzaneh is an artist, and has been practicing pottery for about 15 years.




Sweets by Lamia Spohn

PicMonkey Collage


Lamia always loved cooking, especially desserts. Come and taste her waffles, Marshmallows and Spritz!




Crafts by Tiffanie de Gregorio and Alicia de la Tour

PicMonkey Collage_1

 Tiffanie is fond of crafting and she recently got into sewing. Her world of fabric accessories: infinity scarves, fabric bins, and her serigraphs on fabric find their way on bags, cushions, and many more. Alicia is fond of sewing. She makes cushions with funny shapes: cactus, pear,...You'll love them! 



Scrub Away The Day by Annabelle Howell



Scrub Away the Day makes handcrafted body scrubs made with natural and organic ingredients to nourish and exfoliate your skin; leaving your skin soft and refreshed. A beautiful line of handcrafted body scrubs that give you your spa experience at home in a mason jar! 






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24 mars 2016

2016 Spring Sale


2016 Sale

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23 novembre 2014

2014 Christmas Sale


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Pottery 2014

photo 1

This year will be plesaed to welcome Farzaneh who is making ceramics for many years . She creates pots and bowls but not only... She will be happy to tell you the story behind each objects that she imagines



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07 décembre 2013




Bernadette will be pleased to show some special products of Pays Basque (South West of France) Tableclothes, placemats, breadbaskets, dishtowels, beach and shopping bags, toilet and make-up pouches, bath towels, bathrobes for children, espadrilles.....Acrylic cutlery.

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01 décembre 2013

Baby and Toddler Clothes




Myriam is so talented and has such a perfect taste: every clothe is handmade by herself in Liberty fabric. Clothes for babies and toddlers, and wonderful baby blankets.


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